Most popular health quotes 2019

The Global Health Observatory, presented its report “Global Health Statistics”, which shows how infant death from contagious diseases has practically disappeared in rich countries (thanks to vaccination), countries where it is also aging more and more. “99% of the minors who die in the world live in the poorest countries,” says the report.

However, in rich nations, more and more people die during early adulthood due to stressful life, junk food, and addictions.

Most popular health quotes 2019

Below I have listed the most popular health quotes, you should keep them in your collection.

Let the little ones grow up and be wise, let the great ones support each other and be happy, let all be calm, satisfied, grateful, and let the health of the body crown that of the soul!
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel ; Fragments of a diary (1821-1881)

Health is universally regarded as the least of goods and there is in life few important business where health, when it is a question, is relegated to the last place. This may be partly, but only partly, because life is the lot of healthy people who, as always, despise what they have or imagine they can lose.
Quote from Giacomo Leopardi ; Zibaldone di pensieri (1827)

Time is a rather poor resource for the man who can not count on a whole week of health.
Quote from Alexander Pope ; Letter to John Gay, September 11, 1722.

Health is the first freedom, and happiness is the basis.
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel ; Diary, April 3, 1865.

Over the years that pass and pass one sees the ever-narrower limits of his strength, and the thinness of his health.
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel ; Diary, March 21, 1869.

Cheerfulness, supreme happiness, is the fact of health in ordinary individuals.
Quote from Jean Dutourd ; The complex of Caesar (1946)

You have to probe your health and your strength before you embark on any business.
Quote from Baltasar Gracian ; The court man (1646)

Health is, of all the treasures, the most precious and the most badly kept.
Quote from Joseph Sanial-Dubay; Thoughts on man, the world and manners (1813)

O wisdom! O health! Treasure worthy of envy, without you, what is man, and what is life?
Quote from Publilius Syrus; The sentences and maxims – I st century. BC. AD

Given my health, I think I will be given the longevity medal posthumously.
Quote from Gregoire Lacroix; The thinker despite himself (2012)

Without health one enjoys nothing, and one can maintain health only by wisdom and sobriety.
Quote from Félicité de Genlis; The detached thoughts and maxims (1801)

Nothing is better than health, but to preserve or recover it, listen only to nature. Let us acknowledge that our troubles are almost always our work, and that it would be easy for us to avoid them. To do this, it would be enough to know ourselves well, to study our points of contact with all that surrounds us, to calculate the effect of food and drink on our organism, the influence of air that we breathe.
Quote from Joseph Marie Audin-Rouvière; Medicine without the doctor (1794)