5 tips for using online dating pages


For some online dating may be a taboo, for others are already part of their routine, the fact is that 50% of the population knows someone who has had appointments online and 30% know more than one person. The virtual world is a vast and diverse world, which hosts all kinds of interaction offering a variety of possibilities and people who are ideally looking for someone with whom to share a conversation, a moment, an experience or even a life.

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  1. Choose the appropriate application or page:

The intentions of people who use this medium are diverse, so before choosing the right place, it must be clear that you are looking for someone to talk to, someone to spend the night with or a serious relationship, there are segmented pages of all kinds, from people seeking marriage to married people seeking adventures.

  1. Numbers and statistics:

One in five relationships start online. 51% of users are in a relationship, 21% are single, and 11% are married. The average age in this world is between 18 and 34 years old, with 52% men and 48% women. The numbers lead us to conclude that most people use this medium to explore new possibilities outside of their daily environment. Click here to see more information.

  1. Intentions:

10% of the population uses the internet to find love and with the almost equitable balance between the number of men and women, one could say that it is a balanced sea to look for. However, just as in the real world, in the virtual world people also omit, lie or have different intentions. Most women look for something serious, while men look for someone to hang out with, of course this does not apply to everyone. Men lie more than women in their profiles, lie about what kind of relationship they seek to write sweet things to generate more interest, but men fear to meet a woman who compromises and limit their free time, while women fear meet rapists and psychopaths,

  1. Precautions:

In the virtual world are also real life criminals, to avoid them it is better to know who they are and take precautions. One of ten users is on the internet to defraud others, to prevent it is better to cut conversations with people who talk a lot about their economic problems and ask for money directly or insinuatingly. One in ten are sex offenders and 3% of men are psychopaths. These people first gain the trust of their victims, to reduce risks should be alert to any kind of alert, not sharing intimate photos or personal data, in the first meetings should always be agreed in public places and not share any information that leaves the vulnerable person.

  1. Is it possible to find love online?

Between numbers and statistics one could get to perceive that those who are in the virtual world of dating are not looking for anything serious, however 80% of users of these portals and applications know someone who found love on the internet and this is one of the great incentives that cybernauts of virtual love find. The average time to get married of two people who met online is 18 months, unlike the average of people who know each other in person, which is 42 months, which indicates the clear intentions of whoever is looking for their true love and the efficiency of some of these portals that make selections and filters that connect people with common interest.